Melting world

Why Prepping for a Disaster is Like Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Melting world

Preppers think terrorists dropping weapons of mass destruction all over the U.S., killer pandemics, an invasion of hostile, bug-eyed aliens, World War III or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks will end life as we know it any minute. Preppers think that by stocking up on doomsday supplies such as MRE meals and water-purifying tablets or learning how to dry fruit in the sun and construct water catchment systems will miraculously allow them to survive any catastrophe.

Reality check! The cold, hard, undeniable fact is this–you won’t survive an apocalyptic event any longer than the rest of us, no matter how well you’ve packed your doomsday survival kit. In fact, Doomsday prep beliefs are about as nutty as a Pay Day candy bar.

Why Prepping for a Pandemic or Biowarfare is Ludicrous

Preppers who believe the U.S. government, CDC, Reptilians or the United Nations will deliberately release a slate-wiping virus in order to reduce the population or create an army of zombies can’t and won’t avoid the consequences of a true epidemic. If a highly infectious disease strikes the global population–one that has a kill rate higher than Ebola, for example–and we can’t develop a vaccine in time, the resulting collapse of society will inevitably affect EVERYBODY, including holier-than-thou preppers hunkered down in some isolated Idaho bunker surrounded by their rifles, their bug-out bags and their useless gold coins.

True pandemics can only be caused by airborne infectious diseases, or diseases spread by pathogens that survive transmission among populations via inhalation. Most airborne diseases also spread via body secretions–saliva, blood, mucous, you name it. Once hundreds of thousands of people start dropping like flies in a pandemic, nobody will be left to bury the bodies. If you’ve seen roadkill lying bloated and nasty on the side of the road, well, that’s what happens to dead human bodies left in sunlight and oxygen. Vultures, flies and other opportunistic creatures will feed happily on these dead bodies and expedite the spread of the infection.

Preppers, you can’t live in a hole in the ground forever. Following a catastrophic pandemic, the Earth will be a cesspool from hell, rife with disease, germs and the unmistakable stench of death.

As far as a deadly, highly infectious disease is concerned–you can run, but you can’t hide!

Why Prepping for a Nuclear War is Insane

Generated by unstable atoms, ionizing radiation is colorless, odorless and insidiously harmful to your health. The long-term consequences of radiation are often more slyly dangerous then the short-term affects due to DNA mutations and development of irreversible cancers.

Exposure to radiation levels of 10,000 rad (a unit of radiation absorbed by an individual) will cause death within one to two days. Radiation doses that are lower (less than 500 rads) or localized may potentially kill someone exposed to this radiation level in three to four weeks.

Because radiation inflicts damage on cell DNA and causes mutations by upsetting the chemical processes regulating cell reproduction, uncontrollable and abnormal cell growth occurs. Eventually, a variety of cancers and genetic mutations will affect everyone exposed to even minimal amounts of radiation.

Immediately following the detonation of a nuclear device, the tremendous heat emitted by the explosion will obliterate everything within ten miles of ground zero. Radioactive fallout would start spreading rapidly, passing through solid objects as easily as Mr. Scott transported Kirk, Bones and Spock through solid rock.

Survivalists won’t live a happy, prepper existence after Putin or that chubby-cheeked lunatic in North Korea drops several nukes in the U.S. or elsewhere.The fallout will eventually seep into their warped brains and survival seeds while a nuclear winter could transform the Earth into one big Antarctica.

Preppers, use the time you waste piddling with your doomsday survival kit to watch The Day After or Threads. Better yet, enlighten yourselves by reading about the consequences of a large nuclear disaster.

Then You Have Preppers Stocking Up on Doomsday Supplies for the Impending Asteroid Strike

If you are a Doomsday prep “enthusiast”, do you really know what would happen if a large asteroid were to strike the Earth?


Massive, worldwide loss of all crops due to inclement weather conditions and inability for photosynthesis and pollination to occur

Global reduction of temperatures leading to widespread extinction of animals, trees and plants

Lack of sunlight coupled with severe food shortages will cause extensive malnutrition and disease

Energy shortages due to colder temperatures and rising demand

Complete breakdown of society

Shelters providing medicine, food and water will not be able to accommodate the onslaught of people seeking help. In addition, recuperating from a massive asteroid strike may take decade or longer, during which time at least 75 percent of all plant and animal life will die out–including survivalists.

Brief Guide to the Psychology of Preppers–What Makes Them Tick?

Preppers are a group of chronically unhappy, anxious, self-absorbed and paranoid people who fantasize about a time and place where they can assume a hero-like, egotistical position among people who failed “to prepare”. Unlike the rest of us sane folk, preppers would love a catastrophe to wipe out half the world’s population so they can live a few months longer than everybody else and proudly wear a post-apocalyptic crown on their heads. Their bizarre desire to live in an imaginary world full of gloom, doom and impending death for millions of people mirrors the kind of world imagined by terrorists.

And that is a scary thougrht.