12 Life Hacks

12 Survival Life Hacks:

Life Hacks

 You Won’t Believe Some of These!

Some people seem to think they only need one tool, a super-secret hideout or the right weapon to survive anything. The most important common attribute of those who will survive just about anything is creative thinking. If you are in a true survival situation, you won’t be able to walk into the grocery store or hardware shop and get what you need. You need to learn how to work many different materials to create items you need.

1. Getting your food into airtight packaging can be difficult. The bags that rice and beans come in can easily tear, reducing how long your food will last. You can transfer dry goods into 2-liter pop bottles. These bottles have an air-tight seal and have thick plastic. If you don’t drink soda, then ask your family and friends to save these for you.

2. If you need an AA battery, but all you have are AAA, you can use those smaller batteries. All you need to do is use a small ball of aluminum foil to fill the gap in the battery compartment. This can really be helpful when you need your weather radio or flashlight.

3. If you have kids, chances are there are crayons lying around your home. These make terrific emergency candles and you can melt the other end a little so it can be stuck to a piece of cardboard.

4. A can of Crisco only needs a wick to become a candle. A large can of Crisco will last 30 days burning continuously.

5. If you can’t find any dry tinder with which to start your fire, any snack chips like Doritos will work. They are highly flammable, but you’ll need to decide if the calories from the chips are needed more than fire.

6. An air compressor is not something that most people carry in their vehicle, so repairing a flat tire is not possible. However, a short-term solution is to cut some small holes in sidewall and fill it up with grass until the tire is relatively firm. You will need to replace your tire, as there is no repair for this temporary fix, but it should allow you to reach your destination as long as it’s not hundreds of miles away.

7. Instead of putting that headlamp on your head and blinding everyone, attach it to a gallon of water. The translucency of the water dispels the light through it, creating an area light like a lantern does instead of a flashlight-type beam.

8. For a fishhook, use the pop-tab on a soda can. Simply use your Leatherman to clip away a piece of the metal and file the remaining piece to a point. Attach your line to the other end and you have a no-frills fishhook.

9. Having to eat crappy food can make getting sufficient caloric intake difficult. No one says that you have to eat food without any seasoning in it. Those little Tic Tac containers are great for filling up with various spices to make your emergency food supplies a bit more palatable.

10. Keep a container of cayenne pepper with you when you’re having to sleep out under the stars. Sprinkle a line of it around your sleeping bag and bugs won’t cross it.

11. Keeping your toilet paper dry can be a problem in some areas. One way to do so is to use a large plastic coffee can. Cut a slit in the side of the can to pull the TP through and you can attach a wire at the top and the bottom to use as a handle.

12. A great arrowhead can be made from ordinary keys. Mark the key head to the shape of an arrow point. Cut the unneeded part of the key off with a hacksaw. Use a file to create a sharp edge on each side and the tip. Then mount the arrow to a shaft. These will easily penetrate animal hide and skin, so only take your test shots on non-living targets.

There you have it. A dozen hacks that can be very useful in any survival situation. There are dozens more out there, but it’s best to test some of the more complicated ones to make sure the results are what you are hoping for. In a survival situation, sometimes it just takes creativity to solve a problem.