trash on doomsday day

Extreme Situations Preppers Must Consider

When you’re prepping for the worst-case scenario, you may be thinking about food, shelter, and basic survival. You need to know how to stay alive when you don’t have access to the things you take for granted. That’s fine, and it’s a good place to start, but there are many extreme situations you should keep in mind. Below are a few things that could happen if things go south. Make sure you’re ready.

The Government May Take Firearms

You may be stocking up on a few useful firearms so that you can protect yourself and hunt when something happens. That’s great, but are you sure you’ll get to keep those guns? What if the police take them? If not the police, what if the army scoops them up?

You may think this is a scare tactic, something that would never happen in the United States, where the Second Amendment has been upheld time and again. But a piece of paper may not help as much as you think. The government has already made a practice of taking firearms in situations like this. For example, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the police and military were sent in both to help and to take guns from people in the city. Around 1,000 people lost their guns. These people hadn’t broken the law, the police didn’t have warrants, and the whole thing probably felt unconstitutional to those citizens as it happened. But that did not keep it from happening, so you know that the government isn’t above doing it again.

The Police May Be Gone, or They Could Be Fake

Another thing people sometimes assume, even with a worst-case scenario, is that things like law enforcement and order will still be around. Perhaps it’s from watching disaster movies, where the police are always rushing around and trying to help — or where the hero of the movie is a rescue officer trying to save the day. That’s fine for movies, but there’s a good chance that society is going to break down in a situation like this, and that could mean there simply isn’t any police presence. There may not be firefighters or rescue workers, either. It could be “every man for himself.”

Some have even speculated that fake police officers may spring up. Someone looking to get a free gun or some other supplies could take a uniform and impersonate an officer when the rest are all gone. This isn’t to say you should not cooperate with the police, but you need to be careful. Make sure you know whom you are talking to. Be wary that criminals will take advantage of any situation, no matter how dire it is.

trash on doomsday day

There’s Going to Be a Lot of Trash

As things calm down from the initial event, there’s going to be quite a lot of trash and garbage. For one thing, there’s no one around to pick it up anymore. For another, a lot of it could be spread by the event itself. If it’s a war or an invasion, for example, buildings and vehicles will be destroyed. Trash could be spread all over the place. More trash will accumulate from food packaging and things of this nature. It’s easy to overlook this in modern society, when it’s so easy to roll your bin out to the curb once a week, but things won’t always be like this.

The key thing to remember about trash is that it can spread sickness and disease. There was a lot more disease a few centuries ago, when people had less knowledge about germs and didn’t take care of their trash properly. We have the knowledge now, but that doesn’t help unless someone is doing something about it. You’ll want to have a way to take care of your own trash, and you’ll also want to stay away from polluted areas.

Sickness Can Ravage the Population

Similarly, sickness and disease will both become larger issues than they are now, and not just because they’re more common. They’ll also be more deadly. People used to die of the flu; now it’s far less common. Without medication, though, things that we don’t think are a big deal could become deadly again. This is especially true if nutrition is not good due to a lack of food. When sickness starts to spread, it’s wise not to be part of that community. One disease could wipe it out if no one can treat it.

Communication Will Take a Giant Leap Back

In recent years, we’ve progressed at an incredible rate when it comes to communication. At any time, you can call most of the people you know and get in touch with them no matter where they are. If you don’t want to talk, just shoot them a text message or head to social media. It’s fast, it’s easy, and we take it for granted.

If things go badly, though, communication lines will be shot. No one will be there to tend the physical lines for home phones, and cellphone coverage will be a thing of the past. The Internet could be entirely gone with the lack of electricity, server upkeep, and many other things that are crucial to its existence.

In some senses, there isn’t a lot you can do about this, but it’s good to be ready. Plan out ways that you can still communicate. Have meeting places where you can go on a regular basis or discuss ways to get messages through. Most of your planning, though, has to be in adjusting your lifestyle. Realize that you’re mostly going to be able to talk face-to-face, and get the things you need to survive with this basic principle guiding your actions.

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