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Doomsday Prep – Dollar Store Buys

Dollar Store PhotoThe theme of the “dollar store” has become a recurring one. Now you can find a Dollar General, Family Dollar or Dollar Tree throughout cities and suburbia, as well as in rural communities. People like to get something for next to nothing and some items in these stores are actually worth the buck or two you’ll pay for them.
When you’re beginning to prepare, you may wonder how on earth you’re supposed to buy everything that’s needed to be ready to bug-out – or even bug-in. Maybe you want to make sure you’re prepared for any disaster or other emergency, but you don’t want to empty your bank account. There are many items that you can pick up at your local Dollar Tree that will be a great addition to your stockpile. Consider the following:

Emergency Items
• Rope, clothesline, twine, and cords: It’s almost a guarantee that no matter how much of this stuff you have
, it won’t be enough in a longer-term emergency.
• Vinyl table cloths, shower curtains, ponchos and tarps: These items can come in handy for keeping stuff dry outside.
• Duct tape: Need I say more?
• Glow stocks
• Clamps


Sanitation and Cleaning
• Soap and laundry detergent
• Bleach: Remember that bleach does not store for very long.
• Towels and rags: These items can always come in handy.
• Wet wipes: If you have children, you know the worth of wet wipes.
• Latex gloves: Disposable gloves and longer-use gloves can both be helpful.
• Sponges

• Baskets and bins: You might not have a use for a wide range of types and sizes right now, but you’re sure to find the need soon enough.
• Plastic baggies: The off-brand of these baggies might not be as good as the name brand ones, but it’s good to have various sizes.
• Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
• Canning jars and lids

Kitchen Supplies and Utensils
• Utensils that can be used for outdoor cooking
• An extra can opener
• Wooden spoons
• Plastic utensils and paper plates

• Canned vegetables: Be careful about the expiration dates.
• Boxed food: While it might not be some of the brands you’re used to, you can find some rather interesting food choices.
• Canned meats: This is a great choice for prepper food. Think tuna, sardines, chicken, Vienna sausages, Spam, and more.
• Candies: It’s often something that is overlooked, but a little treat can be a morale booster.

• Bandages and Band-Aids
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Rubbing alcohol
• First aid tape
• Lip balm
• Toothpicks
• Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Holiday Items
• You might be surprised at what you can find during different times of the year. For example, Christmas and Halloween are great times to find terrific deals on small bags, ribbon, tape and more.
• Decorations aren’t on most people’s prepper lists, but it’s also important to remember to plan for a bit of fun when life isn’t as comfortable as we know it now.

Some Final Thoughts
As you can see, there are some deals to be found at your local dollar stores. Some of the items might not be high quality but will work in an emergency situation. You can have a start to your stockpile without spending a small fortune.

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