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Common Mistakes of Disaster Preparedness and in Survival Situations

When you are preparing for a survival situation or suddenly find yourself in such an urgent predicament, a mistake can cost you your life. There are several things that you must avoid doing in order to survive. The area where you are will determine if some of these mistakes will apply to your situation; however, some of these mistakes will apply to anyone in any survival situation. Toilet paper guy

1. Panic: The biggest killer in an emergency situation is panic. Controlling this frenzied feeling is a matter of operating in an organized manner and focusing your mind. The brain is the best survival tool we have and survival is much more of a mental exercise than a physical one.

2. Miscalculating the risk: When you aren’t prepared for the unexpected, how can you expect to deal with it? You may think that you will simply rely on others during such a difficult time, but you could be by yourself. You must take into account the possible risks and know how you would deal with the unexpected.

3. Poor knowledge: One thing that can easily add to panic is poor knowledge on how to survive. You should know how to build a shelter, build a fire, find water and make it safe to drink and know what to eat, as well as how to find it. If you have no knowledge in these survival skills, then chances are you are completely unprepared for what lies ahead. That alone can bring about a sense of panic.

4. Not thinking through your options: You should stop and carefully think about your situation. Take stock of the supplies and the knowledge you have. Devise a plan for survival, which should include the four basic things that are needed.

5. Preparing for one event: After the scare of Y2K at the end of last century, many people sold their survival tools and equipment, feeling foolish for stockpiling it all in the first place. Preparedness, though, should not be for a single event and it shouldn’t be for a specific date, either. If you get rid of your survival gear and a disaster occurred, you would be just as a desperate as someone who didn’t prepare for a disaster at all.

6. Telling everyone you’re ready for anything: You don’t want the entire neighborhood to appear on your doorstep in an emergency. People who are desperate and have nowhere to go will often turn to actions they normally would not use to ensure their safety.

7. Believing that a weapon is all you need: If you find yourself in the woods in a survival situation, a weapon will be a nice part of your now-needed survival gear. However, it is not the only gear you will need. A weapon won’t keep you warm and clear of the elements. A weapon can help with your own safety or for getting food, but it won’t help clean your water supply. If you’re not comfortable with it, then you could actually end up with more of a hazard than an asset.

These are just a few of the common mistakes made by people who are prepping for a disaster or who suddenly find themselves in a survival situation. You may believe that some of these mistakes are not ones you would ever make, but an emergency situation, and the desperation it may create, can make people do some pretty dumb things. It’s important to focus on learning new skills, practicing old skills, gathering necessary supplies and equipment, and being open to listening to someone else’s ideas.

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